Alexander Muell is a composer and arranger of deep creativity both in the electronic and the acoustic musical realm.

Equally influenced by classical music, rock music and electronic music, he has gained reputation through his versatility as a performer, collaborator and producer.

With a degree in Composition and Contemporary Guitar from Los Angeles Music Academy, as well as a degree in Audio Engineering, Muell has worked in many genres across many fields as a craftsman for composition and production, often balancing real instrumentation with synthetic textures. 

Muell has composed, performed and recorded on both sides of the Atlantic for motion pictures, television, theatre, musicals and new media.

Amongst his film score work is the 2017 Grimme Preis winning “ The Moon And I”by Nancy Biniadaki, “Mann Im Spagat/Pace Cowboy Pace” by Timo Jacobs (winner CIFF Festival Canada 2017) both were scored in collaboration with Klaus Tropp . Other films include “ Dear Courtney” by Rolf Roring (contestant Max Ophüls Preis 2013), “The Surface Of Things” (contestant Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2017) by Nancy Biniadaki, etc.

Muell has also a frequent work relationship with artists Felix Kiessling and Sebastian Kite.

He has also worked as a lecturer in audio engineering at the Deutsche Pop Academy in Berlin, and as supervisor and engineer for the SSL equipped Dorian Gray Studios in Berlin.

“ATEM” is Alexander Muell’s first solo release as an artist with the attempt of creating an intimate and pure sensation that is not trying to be either academic due to complex harmonies nor epic due to big drums and arrangements but an attempt at an almost childlike naivety, simplicism and purity. 

“…introspective, melancholic to try and capture the moment of holding on to something that is or will be lost no matter what you try.”